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Microsoft Access Gurus

Our in-house MS Access database specialists can analyse and optimise your MS Access database to get the best from it.

Our services include the following:

  • Fixing bugs and issues
  • Adding enhancements
  • Improving speed and stability
  • Splitting the database for easier maintenance
  • Moving the data to SQL Server
  • Migrating to a Cloud solution

Our proven approach means we can provide cost effective solutions and a great return on your investment.

Our Values


We pride ourselves in being professional in everything we do.


We do our best to deliver what we promise, in a timely manner.


We treat people with respect, both within and outside of our organisation.


Easy Installation

Installation package so applications can be installed on PCs with ease. Provides Start Menu / Desktop Shortcuts and Uninstall.


If required we can provide login screens or use Windows Active Directory to validate users and control what each user can do.

Templates to save time

Our Development Template reduces delivery times, costs and improves quality. We generate the building blocks for your project quickly.

Flexible and Configurable

Access is more stable and scalable with a separate front and back end. The back end can be either another Access database or SQL Server.

Fast Setup Time

Within one working day we can usually create your starter database with login, listing and detail pages and many more great features.

Best of Both Worlds

Ever used packaged software and wished it could do a little more? Do you want a custom built system without the price tag?

Examples of MS Access Database Projects


Pay and Charge Edmen Database for managing Clients, Workers and Timesheets.

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CDI Pinnacle

Produce analysis system providing statistics on production and farming techniques

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Employee Database for managing Personal, Trainings, Skills, Health and Employment Assistance Plan records.

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Gundog Estate Wine Club

Membership Database for tracking Member Details/Distribution Request/Order Details...

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Australian Aerospace

TA Process Database: Used to track Tasks. Identify duplicates; Drill down into tasks, correspondence and forms.

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Builders Order Processing

Manages 3,000 industry standard work rates allowing rapid creation of quotes, work sheets

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Law Case Management

Online system for legal costs assessors. Case management, correspondence tracking

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School Resource Booking

Using Active Directory authentication, teachers easily view availability and book rooms, computers

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Our Service

Outgrown Your Database?

Business is always changing and your database requirements, workflow and structure change over time.


Our team can assist you by quickly reviewing your Access database and troubleshooting any immediate issues.


When working on your system we provide regular reporting of progress and issues, daily or weekly as required, so you are kept informed at all times.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Before release our QA team test thoroughly and raise any issues in our JobControl system to ensure nothing is missed.

Workflow and Business Practices

We work with you to implement your workflow and business practices into your database.


Your solution will be documented before it has been developed in a Functional Specification. Help manuals can also be provided on request.

Which Versions of Microsoft Access Do We Support?

The latest version of Access is now in Office 365 and comes with some great new charts, Large Number (bigint) support, Property Sheet sorting, New Label Name property for controls and Accessibility improvements. Some great connectivity improvements too with support for dBase and ODBC connection retry.

Access 2016 introduced "Tell Me" in this version to make it easier to create forms, queries, reports, and tables. It also introduced some nice new themes and more importantly some very useful templates to create simple databases. Finally it allows you to export all your linked data to Microsoft Excel 2016 and SharePoint 2016.

Access 2013 introduced apps to allow much easier integration with SharePoint. We have updated our Access 2010 template to take advantage of this new technology and leverage the power that SharePoint offers.

Microsoft Access 2010 is one of our current offerings for new solutions with its enhanced features and tighter integration with SharePoint and simplified publishing to the web. Our new Access solutions now use application generation techniques to significantly reduce the development time and improve quality through the use of pre-tested code.

Access 2007 introduced the tool ribbon and changed navigation. New powerful features included the Report View, Datasheet Totals and inline editing gave more power to the user. DB Gurus has developed some powerful templates to make the most of these features and provide really slick, professional database solutions.

Though we are not able to make changes to these older versions of Access we can convert them to one of the more current versions listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a number of options to cover everything from one-off jobs through to long term support contracts. We can either work by the hour or by fixed price for project work. Prices vary depending on how big the job is and whether it is onsite or we can work from our office.

Please contact us us for more details.

For new databases we normally give you a fixed price quote for producing a functional specification and a ballpark estimate for the whole project. Once we have done the analysis and design work we give you a completed functional specification with a fixed quote to complete the project. This allows you to see exactly what you will get and mitigate the risks of the project.

For fixes or changes to an existing database system we work on an hourly basis and provided regular reports on progress made and issues encountered. The hourly rate depends on the level of commitment- the more hours you commit to the lower the hourly rate. Please contact us us for more details.

During the normal business day (9am to 5pm) there is almost always someone in the office to take your call.

For emails we normally respond within 2 hours and offer guaranteed response rates for clients on a support contract.

For clients on a support contract the minimum is 15 minutes. For new clients our minimum is 4 hours.

We prefer bank transfers (bank details are on our invoices) or alternatively you can pay via PayPal which accepts payments in AUD or USD.

Please remember to include your invoice number on all payments so we can allocate payments correctly.

Sorry we do not accept American Express.

Our Customers

Have a question or need a custom quote?

For a free quote, to discuss your next project or find out more please contact us via email or phone (+61 2 4268 4038).