• CLIENTAustralian Debt Recoveries
  • PLATFORMAccess Database and Web Portal
  • INDUSTRYFinance


Australian Debt Recoveries is a highly successful debt recovery agency based in Wollongong that use “state of the art systems and technology along with tried and tested collection techniques”.

ADR asked us in 2008 to migrate their backend database from Access to SQL Server. Once this was completed we then went on to develop a new web portal for them that allowed debtors to make payments, clients and staff to check progress and send messages.


Following the successful migration we went on to develop a new web portal for clients and staff to check the progress of recoveries and send messages.


Proud to support ADR to be technology leaders in their industry

Importantly, the web portal also allowed debtors to make payments. We have continued to support ADR, maintaining and enhancing both their Web Portal and Access database with improvements such as some complex reports, bulk mailing, phone-dialler, eWay Payments, QuickBooks integration and Post Office payments.

ADR continue to remain at the forefront of technology in their industry and we are proud to support them in that area.

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