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Edmen provide recruitment services for both skilled and unskilled labour to organisations to supplement their existing workforce


Created and then maintained a bespoke payroll system for them in Access. Simple backend. Integrated with their specialised payment software.



What was the project timescale? 

Ongoing from 2012 to 2020.

What challenges have been faced along the way?
Integrating awards and rates for different types of workers into a system to meet the requirements of Fair Work whilst offering the workers as a resource to their clients. Subcontractors could work for multiple clients and need to be both competitive to the client whilst also comply with government pay rates.

What were the successful aspects of the project? 

We were able to help them to manage a multi-million dollar business using custom built software and only 3 staff members.

What special or new features have been used? 

We developed this using pretty standard Access forms and an Access backend.

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