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In 2008, Glencore’s Bulga mine (at that time Xstrata) in the Hunter Valley, NSW approached us to develop an environmental monitoring database to manage an enormous amount of site data to help them meet regulatory requirements. Ease of use was critical as the solution would be used by staff from across the site.


The Environmental Monitoring Database (EMD) we developed was a great success and was subsequently rolled out in phases to all of Glencore’s coal mines across Australia. The EMD handles Glencore Coal’s environmental monitoring requirements – storing over 12 million monitoring records including Ground and Surface Water data, meteorological, air quality, blast, noise and so on. The data comes from real-time feeds using telemetry, APIs, direct access, FTP, emails and direct uploads.


Perform complex tasks, simply and efficiently

The cloud based solution allows both staff and external contractors to upload the data via the cloud database, to receive warnings and alerts by email or SMS and gain insights through customised views, graphs and reports.

Though there are many advanced features in the EMD including account switching, data visualisation, wind roses, predictive charting and mapping, it remains a very simple system for the staff to use and requires little or no training and offers a standard experience across all sites.

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