Our in-house SQL Server database experts can analyse and optimise your Microsoft SQL database to get the most from it.

Our services include the following:

  • Analysing your database configuration and making recommendations
  • Designing database tables, views and indexes, including primary and foreign keys
  • Improving speed and stability
  • Writing stored procedures and database functions
  • T-SQL scripts to update and transform data
  • Experience with advanced techniques such data warehousing, replication, data cubes and recurssion.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of your database

Our proven approach means we can provide cost effective solutions and a great return on your investment.

Solution Features


We can either connect via screen sharing or directly to your server.


Configuration of our database security: users, roles and logins for optimum security.


Our gurus are degree qualified and highly experienced database developers.


Data warehousing, SSRS, Profiler, Recurssion, Replication, data cubes...


In your timezone and available on the phone to talk during your working day.


Maintenance and support for your database available on an hourly or contract basis.

Our Process


Analysis and Design

We spend time working with you to understand your requirements, workflows, and business practices. Being a small company means you get one-to-one attention.



We configure your database settings, create or update tables, columns, indexes, keys and views. We set up the security model with database users, roles and logins. We set up the required validations and constraints to ensure your database retains integrity.


Review and Iterate

Database design is an iterative process. It is almost impossible to get what you want first time round so we use an agile approach, refining the database until it becomes the final solution, getting your feedback at every step.



During the programming phase we often have to create stored procedures and database functions to give you optimal performance so that as much of the heavy lifting is done at the backend as possible. It also means maximimum code reuse if the database is used by multiple clients or platforms.


Quality Assurance

All database changes go through a QA process and in most cases we provide a separate test database. In some cases we set up a 2nd test database for user acceptance testings. We have been doing this a long time so we understand the importance of testing and quality assurance to ensure minimal disruption for you.

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