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Custom Cloud Database

We have created our own database platform (TheDatabase) which allows us to create a fully operational database solution for you in a few hours.

In 2010 we embarked on a technical challenge – to build a “platform” that runs on the cloud and allows users to sign up and create their own online databases without the need for:

  • Coding skills
  • Database training
  • Specific technical skills
  • Your own server
  • Any additional software

Since then, we have been using our platform to provide cloud database solutions to a variety of clients. Some want to create new online databases from scratch, others want to move a spreadsheet or Access database onto the cloud, and some prefer to use one of our pre-configured databases that have been built on our platform.

For over 10 years now we have been refining the user experience to make it smoother and easier, fixing bugs that have been discovered through extensive testing and adding more features as clients ask for them (and even removing a few!). Now we are confident we can provide at least 90% and often 100% of your desired final solution through configuration alone. That means it takes a few hours or a few days at the most.

But here is where we are a bit different from the big players in this area: We can code the rest… to take you to 100%. We own the code and are happy to modify it for you to meet your exact requirements, thus creating a unique, customised solution.

We are big believers in the KISS principle so unwanted features are hidden from sight. And, because we own it we can customise it, so you get exactly what you need!

The Database

Features and Functions

Configurable Dashboard

Configure your dashboard to show:

Dashboards can be configured by user role or by individual user.

Configurable Data

Configurable Menus

Create menus to show any of the following:

Configurable Calendars

Configurable Graphs

Configurable Imports



Advanced Security


Cloud Database Features

Meeting Requirements

We can configure or customise our database platform to meet your requirements.

Robust/Tested Code

Our cloud database platform has undergone hundreds of hours of testing to reach a level of robust maturity.

Fast Setup

A vast library of standard components can deliver a working prototype in just a few days.

Flexible & Configurable

You can add columns/tables, change validations/messages and more… by yourself, AT NO COST!

Accessible Anywhere

As a Cloud-based solution you can access your database anywhere on any device that has an internet connection.


Sophisticated security and permissions ensure that only the right people can access the right data sets.

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