DB Gurus specialise in developing bespoke database solutions

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Our database professionals analyse and optimise databases for clients across a broad range of industries.


Our in-house database professionals analyse and optimise databases for clients across a broad range of industries. We help our clients get more from their existing databases.


Ever wished your packaged software could do just a little more, operate a bit differently, or have just one extra feature? Would you like a custom built system without the custom built price tag?


If you’re interested in improving data access and data gathering while simplifying your database user experience, we can help.

Solutions across a broad range of database environments.

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These brief case studies outline how we’ve helped clients address their database needs and the benefits our solutions delivered.

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Professional Database Solutions Development and Support

DB Gurus specialise in developing custom database solutions to meet client needs. Custom development can involve any combination of the following:

  • a local database such as MS Access or SQL Server
  • a cloud (internet or intranet) database that is accessed via a browser
  • an app that runs on Apple or Android devices
  • integrations with other systems and 3rd party databases

We have delivered solutions for clients both large and small since 2006, refining our processes, skills, software and training.

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We have worked with over 250 clients

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DB Gurus are committed to creating database value for our customers.

How We Work


Clear Communication

We try hard to be both undertandable and transparent. We start with a ballpark estimate and a timescale for your project. Then we clearly outline the steps and the deliverables. Whilst working on your system we provide regular reporting on progress and issues. To keep you informed reporting can be done weekly or monthly.



Your solution will be documented as it is being developed using diagrams, flow charts, videos and the scope of work. Help Manuals or Help Videos can also be provided on request.


Flexible Working

We can work to suit your requirements - we can work on an hourly basis, provide estimates or a dedicated member of staff. They can work remotely or onsite. We can deliver your software upgrades overnight to avoid impacting your working day.


Data Conversion

If you have existing data that needs to be brought over to your  new database then leave it to us. We can convert your data and import it into your new database so you can carry on working without interruption.


Quality Assurance

We believe that quality is important so before we release any change our QA team tests it thoroughly first. Any issues found are logged in our job control system and addressed to ensure that nothing is missed.

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