DB Gurus has been supporting clients throughout New Zealand for the past 12 years.

We have done that through our local representative and we have done that remotely, whatever works best for our clients.

We can arrange Teams or Zoom meetings, we can share screens, we can talk on the phone or we can meet in person.

So please get in touch. Start by talking to Ben in our Sydney office and he will ensure you get the right people you need.

If in doubt please take time to read the testimonials from the our NZ clients below.


What Our NZ Clients Say

The database we have is fantastic, easy to use, it collects all the data we need, runs reports at the touch of a key and our new staff member said “it is the most user friendly database she has ever used”, functionality is key and ensures everyone is happy to spend the time updating it and inputting the information.

Kerrie Waby

The Acorn Project

Thank you very much for the prompt attention and work on our platform, it has been professional and appreciated as the database will now run better to make our lives easier!
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Gavin Anderson

Tiger Turf

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DB Gurus specialise in developing bespoke database solutions

Our Services

Our database professionals analyse and optimise databases for clients across a broad range of industries.

Access Database Specialists

Our in-house database professionals analyse and optimise databases for clients across a broad range of industries. Our professional database solutions offer easy installation, security, flexibility and fast setup

Custom Cloud Database

Ever wished your packaged software could do just a little more, operate a bit differently, or have just one extra feature? Would you like a custom built system without the custom built price tag? We can help.​

API & System Integration

Our API integration service can help your teams access data and update on the go, wherever they are. Our solutions enable secure access to tightly controlled data views, data sharing and data processing across systems.

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