Are you looking for a database built to meet your exact needs, with no more and no less than you need?

Do you find commercial software too complex or missing one key feature you need?

Would you like to store your data on the web and not worry about backups, servers and security?

Then you have come to the right place! We have been creating custom cloud databases since 2006, constantly improving.

Our cloud database platform can be configured within a few hours to meet 99%* of your needs, straight out of the box. The rest can then be done through coding by our highly skilled team.

We think we offer the best of both worlds:

  1. The benefits of packaged software – low cost and fast implementation.
  2. The customisation of bespoke software – built for your exact needs and no unwanted complexity.

We started creating platform in 2010 to allow users to create and edit their own database in the cloud – to add tables, change labels and crate reports without any technical expertise. Since then we have been refining it, making it easier to use, more stable, faster and incorporating new features, as new clients ask for them.

It has been tested extensively, both by us and by our clients, across a range of industries. Some clients use it for simple databases, with just a few tables and a few records. Others are running it from multiple locations across Australia, with hundreds of tables and millions of records. It is now fast and reliable, claiming an amazing uptime of over 99.99%.

We have always had the philosophy to make things as simple as possible. We believe a user should be able to operate our databases with little or no training. They should be 100% intuitive and consistent, so users can guess how they work. They should be shielded from complexity and all unnecessary features hidden to avoid clutter and confusion.

Accessible from everywhere, on any device!

Cloud Database Features

Fast Setup

Put us to the challenge and see how quickly we can get your database up and running in the cloud! Often within 1 business day we can get an early prototype ready for you to review!

Flexible & Configurable

Our cloud database is super configurable. It allows us to create in real time tables, validations, notifications, messages, import templates, export formats, uploads, reports and more.

Cost Effective

By using modules that have already been written and tested thoroughly we can help you control your costs and get a fantastic return on your investment. Fixed priced hosting and support plans also available.

Accessible Anywhere

Our cloud platform has been designed to work on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones so you can access it from home, office, on the road or from space! (ok the space part is work in progress :D)


To ensure your data is secure we have looked at every aspect: physical security handled by AWS, SSL certificates, password strength and encryption, staff training, security protocols and restricted access. See FAQ for more info.

Robust/Tested Code

Since 2010 we have been testing and refining our database platform in the real world to make it a truly most robust system with an uptime of 99.99%.

Our Process


Analysis and Design

We spend time working with you to understand your requirements, workflows, and business practices. Being a small company means you get one-to-one attention.



We create the tables, dashboard, exports and reports. We add the fields to capture your data and validation rules to match your business practices. We set up the warnings and workflows so you are notified when you need to be.


Review and Iterate

Database development is an iterative process. It is almost impossible to get what you want first time round so we use a prototyping approach, refining the prototype until it becomes the final system, getting your feedback at every step.



Our database platform will typically meet 95% to 100% of your requirements but if there is something new we can either program it for you or change the platform to suit (if it is of general use).



Before we release any change, our QA team tests it thoroughly and raise issues in our JobControl system to ensure that nothing is missing.

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