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Uniting Care asked us to extend our cloud database system so that lab staff could enhance medical images with hotspots.


We developed this exciting new feature and added it to the cloud database so that users could enhance images with hotspots. As the user hovers over an area of the image it changes colour and when clicked their selection is saved to the database.


Embedded image hotspots to enhance data collection

Uniting Care combined this with normal patient data to create a really powerful system that is being rolled out to a number of their centres for use by lab staff.

This powerful functionality can be used in a number of areas where the user needs to make a graphical choice such as selecting a room in a hotel, choosing their seats in a cinema or theatre or picking their seats on a plane. The possibilities are endless!


" DB Gurus added a feature to our cloud-based patient database that allows our lab staff to make impactful updates to patient data."
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