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Rotech are a rural company successfully creating better farm fencing solutions through practical, user centred innovation. Working alongside farmers and fencing contractors for 20 years they have created some great new solutions to old fencing problems.


Phase 1 is redesigning their Access system to stop it crashing and make it accessible by remote users. 
Phase 2 is to put the database online accessible via a browser. 


What was the project timescale? 

Rotech first contacted DB Gurus in June 2020. First major delivery October 2020. 

What challenges have been faced along the way? 

Speed has been the biggest issue – getting the database to update in a timely manner when the sync has been running. We also have issues with the old software and their local network which have had to be resolved.  

What were the successful aspects of the project? 

Implemented their syncing allowing staff to use their Access databases remotely with the data automatically syncing via the internet to the office database. Asynchronous. 

What special or new features have been used? 

First time using the sync queue with a client database   this is where all data changes are converted into JSON format and added to an online database which are then read and processed by the other Access system to keep them up to date. Data is added to and read from the queue using our standard TDB API that was developed for our cloud database platform. 

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