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TopSoil provide a wide range of soil conditioning services to help farmers take their agriculture to the next level. Their team of experts advise farmers how to create and maintain healthy, organic rich soil that is compliant with all legislative and environmental guidelines. 

TopSoil needed a database to store lab data and perform critical calculations and reports.


We have replaced their existing Excel spreadsheets with an Access database that allows them to store their lab data and perform critical calculations involving contaminant grades and application rates. At the click of a button, Topsoil Organics can now generate various critical reports.  

Data such as soil, biosolids and truckload readings can be imported to the database without any change in the report format, thus minimizing manual data entry.


What was the project timescale? 

Lana contacted us in Nov 2018, since then there have been multiple releases with the “final version being delivered in Nov 2019. 

What challenges have been faced along the way? 

The format of the reports have been challenging due to the number of records which need to be displayed along with the complex calculations.  

What were the successful aspects of the project? 

Being able to replicate their existing Excel reports with minimal changes has been a win for them as well as being able to store historical report data and display reports on the screen based on the filters applied. 

What special or new features have been used? 

The application was built using our Access template that has been in development for number of years and no new feature were required for this project. 

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